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To nominate someone and to be nominated, you are required to meet the following three criteria:

1. Be a DICCP in good standing (status must be current, i.e., renewed as required); and

2. Be a Pediatrics Council Member in good standing for a minimum of one year; and

3. Be an ICA member in good standing for a minimum of the last 12 months (one year).



Deadline for receipt of nominations – February 27, 2024

Ballots electronically sent out on February 28, 2024

Election closes at 5 pm on February 29, 2024

Peds Board Nomination Information

Nomination Link

These are the doctors who are eligible to be nominated:

Full Name
Andrew A. DeSaro
Anne Langford
Anne-Marie Roy
Brett J. Carter
Christa M. Velos
Christine Gamache
Danny R. Beard
Diana J. Hudgins Brown
Donna M. Quezada
Edith Lacroix
Elizabeth S. Anderson-Peacock
Emily J. Smith-Nguyen
Eric Cloutier
Jennifer C. Prax
Joƫlle Malenfant
Julie Mayer Hunt
Kari L. Swain
Kathryn R. Cantwell
Lee-Anne Burridge-Desrochers
Lora L. Tanis
Mary Jo Palmer
Meghan B. Van Loon
Miriam J. Leean
Pamela S. Gindl
Patricia A. Schumacher
Patricia Sorbo
Raymond T. Shaver
Rosemary Schiavi
Sharon A. Vallone
Sonia M. Morin
Stephanie O’Neill Bhogal
Todd Donohoe
Wendy M. Henrichs
Wesley Sheader