DICCP Diplomates

DICCPs are required to renew their DICCP status every 3 years.  During this renewal period they have to fulfill certain requirements which include completing 24 hours of continuing education hours in pediatrics and attendance at either the Council’s Annual Conference or Building Bridges Symposium.

Certified DICCPs since 1996

Name State/Province Country Graduation Year
Alaina Roswell-Kulkowski New York USA 2002
Alex Cvetanovic Auckland NZ 2012
Alice Cade Auckland NZ 2008
Alicia A. Clevenger Iowa USA 2008
Alyssa O’Gorman Victoria AUS 2012
Amanda Boyd Victoria AUS 2015
Amanda Griggs Kansas USA 2012
Amy Breidenbach Wisconsin USA 2003
Amy E Anderson Wisconsin USA 2005
Amy Goulet Missouri USA 2008
Amy L. Person Connecticut USA 2008
Amy M. Schriener Wisconsin USA 2008
Andrea Simon Quebec CA 2013
Andree-Anne Lemire Quebec CA 2013
Angela M. Engel Wisconsin USA 2008
Angela Price-Kloss Colorado USA 2003
Angie Frankeni Victoria AUS 2012
Anna Saylor Michigan USA 2000
Anne Langford Minnesota USA 2000
Anne M Roy Quebec CA 2013
Anne M. Coryell Pennsylvania USA 2002
Anne-Michele Berube Quebec CA 2016
Annica Larsdotter New South Wales AUS 2008
Annick Hardy Quebec CA 2013
Annick Messier Quebec CA 2016
Annie Galipeau Quebec CA 2016
Lee-Anne Burridge-Desrochers Mascouche Canada 2013
Meghan Van Loon New York USA 2000
Amanda Metzger Florida USA 2021