Affiliate Organizations

Affiliate Organizations

Atlas Orthogonal (
Atlanta, Georgia

Advanced Orthogonal Institute
St. Petersburg, Florida

Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Society, Inc
Elizabethtown, Kentucky

National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Society of Chiropractic Orthospinology
Snellville, Georgia

Epic Clinics
Clearwater, Florida

Requirements / Qualifications to be an Affiliate:

The Council on Upper Cervical Care welcomes memberships and collaboration with organizations with purposes, values, goals and objectives, which support the purposes of the ICA Council on Upper Cervical Care.

The purposes of the Upper Cervical Council  are to:

•    Enhance the skills and techniques, and expand the knowledge of the individual chiropractor as well as the International Chiropractors Association Upper Cervical Council member(s) about the field of upper cervical care.

•    Facilitate the growth of knowledge and deepen the understanding within the field of upper cervical care and the profession as a whole to provide more knowledgeable, competent and safer chiropractic care may be provided to the public.

•    expertise and/or interest that would benefit the public’s health and safety.

•    Promote continued excellence of patient care in upper cervical care applications as they relate to chiropractic practice.

•    Protect the health and wellbeing of the individual patient and public, in general, with respect to the scientific application of upper cervical care technology.

•    Establish suitable education and credentialing for postgraduate continuing education, diplomate and fellowship programs.

Affiliate members must be an organization, which has existed for more than three years and has an organizational structure with officers and a board of directors.

Roles and Responsibilities of Affiliates:
The Council shall be open to the viewpoints and the ongoing research of its affiliates. Our strength is in our ability to accept the diverse opinions and findings of each organization, with the ability to recognize the possibility of growth for all of us, as we assimilate the divergent perspectives all of us are gaining knowledge.

It therefore becomes the role and responsibility of each affiliate to openly share their perspectives and to recognize we are all attempting the detection and correction of the normal and not-normal configurations of the cranio-cervical junction. It is also the responsibility of the affiliate and its representatives to openly honor the perspectives of the other organizations. By acknowledging the perspectives of others, all of us are able to gain insights, which will allow us to become better at what we do.

Opportunities / Benefits for Affiliates:
Participation in Governance of the Council

The Council is composed of 11 members on its Board of Directors and includes the President and Vice President and nine members elected from the membership. It is the intention of the Council to have these members representing a diversity of organizations.

Speakers for Conferences / Instructors for the Diplomate Program
Speakers for the diplomate instruction are selected to represent the diversity of upper cervical organizations and other health care perspectives influencing the Cranio-cervical junction. Each year presenters are selected based on the theme of the conference and the contributions made to the upper cervical community by members of the organizations affiliated.

Representation at Conferences:
Affiliates, at their discretion, for a discounted fee, shall be allowed to display information about their organization at booth space at the conferences of the Council.

Information to be Submitted with Affiliate Application: 

Name of Technique/Procedure(s) : ________________________________________________________________

Year of incorporation:________________         Number of Seminars Taught Per Year: _______________

Number of active DC members:________          Number of active student members:_________________

Nonprofit Organization:  ☐ Yes ☐ No

Attach to application the following documents:

•    Organizational articles of incorporation.

•    Certification/clinical requirements for procedural proficiency/certification.

•    Standards and Practices Documents.

•    501(c)(3) if applicable

Approval of Application to become an Affiliate: 

All applications are approved by a majority vote of the Officers and Directors of the Council on Upper Cervical Care following the receipt of all required documentation.  Applicants will be notified within thirty days of the approval as an Affiliate.